Beware! Society Reaps The Benefits Of Forgotten Valor!

memorial day Remember Our Fallen, Some Gave All..."

One of the things that angers me is how we as a society seem to be unsure of our national history. We also tend to forget it. Watch the Videos Below:

What We Have Forgotten

This Monday is Memorial Day and a lot of Americans have forgotten why we celebrate this day. Many Americans basically observe the day by having a BBQ, which of course includes food, alcohol and relaxing with your family. Which is perfectly fine. But, when you ask Americans the question, “Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?” Many of us either don’t know what to say or we answer, “To honor those who serve to protect our freedom.” That is completely WRONG.

Surprising Inexpensive C.H.I.P. Computer Fits In Pocket

c.h.i.p. computer

Remember When…

There was a time when a computer could only fit in a building the size of a medium house (1800 ft2). Then later it would fit into a room. Then eventually a desktop, laptop and what we find today is portable computers via tablets & cell phones. Now, we have one that fits into a pocket comfortably, although it’s in Alpha testing right now.

Invasion by Crooks Can be Avoided without Pulling the Plug.

call for support scam

Norm Morin, founder of NKC Systems computer repair and consulting, has some interesting opinions when it comes to pop-up scams. First off, these are not called pop-up scams, they are known as “Call for Support” scams. Secondly he suggests 2 ways to handle this type of pop-up. I agree with the first one, which is to use Task Manger by pressing “ctrl, alt, delete.” However, he recommends a brute-force option that I completely disagree with and in my opinion is more harmful to your computer than the actual scam. Read what he says below:

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