• Speed Up Computer Processing Speeds The desire to have a computer with high processing speeds is common among all computer users. This is mainly propelled by the fact that human beings are naturally impatient and prefer having tasks done with speed.
  • Windows 8 Problems Why It Might Be Best To Wait It out A Bit Longer
  • NEW FBI VIRUSThe new FBI virus is yet another powerful ransomware. It is also known as FBI Green Dot MoneyPak virus, FBI Online Agent and FBI Virus Black Screen. This threat aims to scare its victims into paying a fine of $200 (instead of $100) through MoneyPak.
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It's Not To Late!

It’s Not To Late!

Statistically, nearly every day, between 100,000 and 200,000 new malicious programs or viruses are detected by anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware programs and programmers. These numbers only go up as the years go by! It seems outrageous, but it’s factual. That means that every day any number of emails you open, websites you visit, Facebook links you click on, and so on, have the potential to infect your system with a fatal virus or hidden worm or keystroke logger, etc… perhaps dozens or hundreds of times, depending on how active you are in the online world.

People tend to brush it off, thinking that it’ll never happen to them, until it DOES. They forgot to renew their subscription to their favored anti-virus program since it was still scanning their system daily for threats. While that’s all fine and good, it was only scanning for past, known threats, not the one that just came out yesterday that your anti-virus program updated for last night. Without that update your system is vulnerable to the new host of viruses that came out.

Simply keeping your anti-virus program renewed and up to date very likely would have prevented this serious, headache inducing, time consuming hassle. It may seem trivial when nothing ever happens, when you don’t ever buy anything online, and you don’t go browsing sites that might be dangerous.

Don’t fall into complacency because everything has been fine up till now, because the danger is always there, lurking, waiting for that single opening. Take a minute and ensure your subscription is up to date, and your anti-virus program is updating every time it needs to. It’ll save you more than a minute later.

So shiny and new!

So shiny and new!


Most people seem to think it’s fairly simple. Go to your local Best Buy or other such retailer, buy your computer, get the extended warranty, go home and act like a kid on Christmas morning, tearing the box open and plugging in it. Let your gaming or work life begin its new adventure.

Alas, it’s not quite so simplistic. Here’s a list of things that you -should- be doing from the time you consider buying your new computer.

  1. Most places will offer to go through the initial setup for you, and make a backup disc since most new computers no longer come with this, go for this option if it is available.
  2. Upon first starting up your new computer, take the time to go through all the steps to properly name it and get your security in place. Install a good anti-virus program that comes built with malware and spyware protection.
  3. Some systems now come with the option to backup your information online. While this may seem like a good idea it’s been our experience that after the thirty trial that you get with your new system, then it no longer allows you to access your backup. Backups are an integral part of the setup of a new system, but a hard copy of the system at the beginning will help prevent and fix disasters.  Two backup’s of your basic startup setup is an excellent idea. If you don’t use this idea, you can consider using an online service like Carbonite, however never trust your important information to one destination always have a backup plan.
  4. Make SURE you take the time to register your new machine. If anything happens to your shiny new computer in that first year and you need to make use of your manufacturer warranty, and you did not take the time to take this step, it will create a ridiculous amount of extra hassle and wasted time that you have to go through to get any kind of assistance.
  5. All new systems come with a very robust amount of extra software or ‘Bloat-ware’. Take a minute to skim through your add/remove programs list. If you do not know what is needed and what is not needed, it’s a great idea to contact The Computer Repair King and we can help you sort out the good from the unnecessary.
  6. Recalling all of your old passwords can sometimes be a major pain, especially if you use lots of different ones. I’d recommend you eliminate this step and find a ‘Master Password’ program to use, such as Roboform or Lastpass, and have all your passwords memorized online with only your single master password, all the rest will be stored in a secure online vault that you can access anywhere with that single password, should you have need.
  7. Finally, make sure that you actually restart your new computer to let it install those important updates, and let any changes you made take full effect.

At this point, you can be pretty sure that should anything happen, you did everything that you should have, and you can sit back and start downloading the programs you may be missing that are essential to whatever you normally do with your computer. Good luck and enjoy your new computer!

Most of us treat our computers like our babies for the fact that they hold significant amount of information we are attached to. For this fact alone, I would personally do anything to speed up my PC. Even so, computers are programmable devices which normally behave in a particular way for a reason. If you therefore notice that you computer has slowed down its processes, there could be multiple reasons for this. Typically, a computer will start to lose its edge due to;

- – Fragmentation of files and programs over time

- – Corruption of the machine’s data or essential processes

- – Diminished memory ??or

- – Installation of many startup and background programs.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then a quick review of the situation would most probably fix the problem. In my case, I noticed my PC started lagging over time mainly with the addition of new programs. This has also been noted as the most common cause for computer slowdown. In essence, whenever you add a new program to your machine, new files are also added to the drive and in some cases, there could be embedded startup processes. In order therefore to restore such a slow PC to its former processing efficiency, you will need to get rid of the unnecessary or old files while also turning off some of the startup programs.

I noticed that other than the previous mentioned ways to speed up my PC, I also easily made it perform better by using some of the basic help tools. The disk cleanup utility program and normal antivirus programs are examples of handy tools for checking the system for irregularities and fixing such issues. The former program is actually built-in most computers and serves to remove temporary and old files that may slow down your PC. Antivirus programs on the other hand have to be bought separately and normally function to destroy malicious programs that compromise the machine’s performance.

These are the most common causes of computer slowdown even though several other minor changes can have a similar effect. If therefore the countermeasures do not serve you right, it would be apt to consult a technician.

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