Wheres Windows 9?

windows 10 troll

Lets start with the most glaring question why are we missing a windows version.  Well the simple explanation is that Microsoft wanted to shake off the stigma of having a bad OS every other version. The Track history is pretty set towards this theory though. WIN 95 was a bit of a problem child but SE was better. Same thing with 98. This continued on to ME/2000. XP redeemeed the brand and our faith in the products that it would carry. Then Vista came and caused a plethora of issues still plaguing people to this day. Windows 7 was touted as one of the most stable editions so far. Then Microsoft took a left turn into creativity and confusion with Win 8. This new style of thinking towards mobile devices was met with much criticism and many annoyed users went back to WIN 7.
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Refurbished Computers for Sale

Greetings Knights!

I just want to announce that I have two refurbished computers for sale. We have completely worked these over  These would be perfect for surfing the internet, processing documents, and email.   And they are available for a unbelievable price!  And as a special bonus, I am including 6 months  Support  for free!

These do no t include keyboards, mice or monitor,  it is just the box itself.

The specifications are below.

DELL Dimension 1100
2 Gig RAM
XP Home
MS Office
Avast virus protection
6 months tech support.
DELL Dimension 2400
Intel Celeron duo core
2 Gig RAM
Win XP Pro
MS Office
Avast virus protection
6 months tech support
If you are interested in one, please call us right away at 623-247-0290 and we will get you taken care of.
Yours in Computer Repair
Ross King

Cooling Vent Maintenance, Computer Repair or New Computer? It’s Your Choice!

laptop-repair-dirty-heat-sinkThis article is for everyone that owns a laptop that is close to, or over, three years old and thinks that you need to have computer repair.

The biggest detriment to a laptop is heat.  As you are using your computer and put more demands on it, the internal fan will speed up to cool the CPU (which is the heart of your computer) and keep the computer from shutting down. You’ll see the Blue Screen of death, as they say, or corrupt the hard drive partition (as well as the Operating system from numerous dumps and shutdowns).  Once the internal temperature reaches a certain reduced temperature, the fan will resume a lower RPM and sometimes stop altogether until the need for it is reached to automatically start it up again.  During the cooling process, heat is drawn away from the CPU (central processing unit), as well as the Video GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), thru the fan and out the exhaust port.  However, it also takes in dust, dirt, animal hair and dander, cigarette tar, and kitchen grease.  This over time creates a lint trap build up between the internal exhaust port and fan.  Once this is fully plugged, the computer can no longer cool and shuts down or drops to the blue screen, then you have to restart the computer; if you can.
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The Computer Repair King Phoenix 5 Star Review by Scooter

http://thecomputerrepairking.com The Computer Repair King Phoenix Reviews
5 Star Review

(623) 247-0290
WOW! Ross has been the best source for repair and parts sourcing that I have EVER had to work with! I am not at all a computer knowledgeable person, and anytime that I have called him for any type of repair, questions, parts sourcing, etc…. he has ALWAYS done me right and/or put me on the right path to succeed whereever needed! He is a real Godsend for me or anyone else who I have referred to him!!! You are the true “KING” of computing. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH ROSS!!!!!
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